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[Test]: How is your health?


Doing exercise and Eating better helps maintain balance.

Take the test to see if your body is properly adjusted.

All substances brought by the food are distributed to all the cells of the body to enable them to function effectively. Minor dysfunctions, however, may gradually become real diseases. This test allows you to know where you are.

Answer "yes" or "no" to the following questions on a piece of paper.

  1. Do you feel brimming with energy and efficiency ?
  2. Do you generally look good ?
  3. Do you offer at least once a year a few days of detoxification ?
  4. Do you have a family history of diabetes or arthritis ?
  5. Do you physically spend yourself each day ?
  6. Do you drink at least 2 liters per day (excluding alcoholic beverages and coffee) ?
  7. Are you as fit in the afternoon as in the morning ?
  8. Are there any foods that make you itchy ?
  9. Do you consume little cold meats (not more than once a week) ?
  10. Is your body mass index between 19 and 25 ?
  11. Have you checked your blood cholesterol and your blood sugar every year?
  12. Do you have activities (sport, sauna) that make you sweat healthily ?
  13. Do your small wounds heal quickly ?
  14. Do you eat vegetables and fruits every day ?
  15. Is your blood pressure between 120/60 and 140/80 ?
  16. Do you have an equal character, without mood swings ?
  17. Can you spend several hours on an empty stomach without having a headache, sweating or feeling unwell ?
  18. Do you practice one or more endurance sports (running, swimming, cycling)?
  19. Are you still far from menopause or the fifties crisis ?
  20. Does your diet contain many dairy products ?

Result: The balance of your metabolism

You answered YES to 13 questions or more? Your metabolism works effectively. You make sure your food is of the highest quality, but you do not have to worry about it because you do not have any special health problems. This does not stop you from helping your body through lighter feeding periods, or even allowing it a day or two of detoxification, to prevent metabolic disorders.

You answered YES to less than 13 questions? You should strive for a more balanced diet.

If you answered YES less than 8 times, it becomes urgent to act. Maybe you are prone to metabolic disorder and already have Metabolic Syndrome.

Do you suffer from Metabolic Syndrome

Make the test now

TEST: Metabolic syndrome: a problem nest

If you suffer from the metabolic syndrome, you are a candidate for DIABETES, even if your blood glucose is not too high.

Although harmful in itself, insulin resistance is also associated with many other problems. Taken individually, each may increase your risk of heart disease, but if you have three or more, the risk is twice as high as if you have only one.

This group of problems is called Metabolic Syndrome. If you suffer from it you go straight to diabetes, even if your blood sugar is not yet too high. In fact, 85% of people with type 2 diabetes have metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome affects nearly one on four people, and the risk increases with age, being overweight and inactivity. But your FOOD is the most important factor, especially if it is low in fiber and high in calories, saturated fat and foods that make your blood sugar rise.

In a long-term study conducted by the Framingham Heart Study it was shown that subjects who consumed a lot of foods with a high glycemic response were 40% more likely to have metabolic syndrome than those with a healthier diet and at low glycemic response.


The blood glucose test may be normal even if you are insulin-resistant and have metabolic syndrome. Indeed, for years, your body could compensate for hyperglycemia by secreting more insulin.

In others, on the other hand, the beta cells of the pancreas are depleted and are sometimes destroyed. And then the body can no longer produce enough insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Insulin resistance and its array of associated problems (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fatty liver disease, hypertension, etc...)

The way you eat affects mood, appetite, weight and, ultimately, longevity.

But once you know what to do, you can make the required changes without much effort, and feel better and healthier for the next 20 years, minimum.

This is why it is important to pass the following test: a warned person is worth two !

Do you suffer from Metabolic Syndrome


Do the test here


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